Nato-Russia Military & Political Dictionary (about the author)

Igor Sharshakov
Igor Sharshakov, a retired (1992) Captain of the Russian AIR NAVY Reconnaissance Squadron, was born and raised in Vitebsk, Belarus, is married, and has one son named Cyril. Igor is a financier for an international stock holding company. He has been involved in international business language translation for many years.

Igor graduated from the Minsk State Teacher's Training Institute, the Interpreters' Faculty, in 1985 and has pursued a varied career as an interpreter of English and French, a political commentator and a journalist.

Igor has spent the past few years researching, verifying and compiling sophisticated multilingual dictionaries and specialized financial glossaries that can be used for business, home, school and travel. These dictionaries are a must for any business
traveller or overseas student. Translations of every major word or term for finance, trade, legal contract and conversation are included in these unique glossaries.

Apart from his Nato-Russia Military & Political Dictionary, Igor has published the following dictionaries:

  • Investor's forget-me-nots dictionary
  • Business & Finance Multilingual Dictionary
  • Multilingual Stock & Investment Terms
  • Dictionary of Computing fore Everyone
  • Glossary of Intnl Finance Acronyms & Abrevs

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