About Alexander Gross

 Alexander Gross


Alexander Gross, a theater and literary writer and translator, describes himself as "A practicing polyglot who has meddled in more nations and cultures than he ever had the right to do—and he has left a few traces of his activities behind him in all of them ".

He lived in seven different countries and fluently speaks French, German, Italian & Spanish and further studied Russian, Modern Greek, Chinese, Dutch, Catalan, some form of all-purpose Scandinavian, Latin and Ancient Greek. Chinese Medicine, the Ancient Greek Theatre, Artificial Intelligence, the Unabomber, Dramaturgy for the Royal Shakespeare Company, Translation in Theory and Practice, Radio Announcing in Spain, and unceasingly Language and Linguistics have been just some of the causes and activities where he has left tangible and legible traces.

He today teaches a postgraduate seminar on translation history at New York University (A Practical View of Translation History, NYU Translation Studies Program, 1997-2000) and is busy writing what he hopes can become a truly popular book about how language really works. He is also tinkering with ideas for two new plays.

Alexander Gross is Author Member of the Dramatists Guild, Associate Member of the Literary Managers & Dramaturgs of the Americas, Author Member of the Educational Shareware Cooperative, Author Member of the Association of Shareware Professionals, Founding Member of the New York Circle of Translators and Active Member of the American Translators Association.

In March 2000 he created his own web-site  full of articles and resources in the field of language, translation and language technology.