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Dictionaries for Italian - Sardinian

DitzionÓriu Online

Type: Multi-lingual
Owner: Eiha (?)
Description: The Dictionary of Sardinian Language and Culture (Condaghes, Cagliari 2000 - from which the DitzionÓriu Online derives) is the first dictionary of the Sardinian language written just like a normal dictionary of any other language. The main purpose of the "DitzionÓriu Online" is to make the Sardinian Language "virtually" reachable from all over the world. Anyone who has a Personal Computer and an Internet connection may consult the most complete database on Sardinian that is now available. Approximately 93,000 words.
Languages: English/Sardinian, French/Sardinian, German/Sardinian, Italian/Sardinian, Sardinian/*Mono-lingual, Sardinian/English, Sardinian/French, Sardinian/German, Sardinian/Italian

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