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This is a selection of some of the most interesting articles about language and translation available on the Net. 


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The development and use of machine translation systems and computer-based translation tools (John Hutchins)

MT and Language: Conflicting Technologies? or Ariadne's Endless Thread (Alexander Gross)

Where do Translators Fit into Machine Translation? (Alexander Gross)

Hermes - God of Translators and Interpreters (Alexander Gross)

El mercado de la traducción del español en Internet (Rocío Palomares y Cristina Navas)

La traducción automática: presente y futuro (José Abaitua)

La traduction des textes journalistiques (René Meertens)

Victims of Torture - An interpreter's perspective (Annemarie Fox)


Articles in the Net:

Grammar checkers helpful or harmful? by Russell Shaw, Gannett News Service (USA Today)

European Union's expansion sparks questions about language (By Arie Farnam, Christian Science Monitor)

Localization and accessibility (By Joe Clark)

Certified translator can prevent marketing embarrassment (by P.J. Dinner - Denver Business Journal)

Route to enlarged EU hits language barrier (By Stephen Castle - The Independent)

The Writing Life (By Howard Goldblatt -The Washington Post)

The State of Machine Translation in Europe and Future Prospects (by John Hutchins)

Skrivánek: fluent in business strategy

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