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John Hutchins on MT and computer-based translation tools

Alexander Gross on "Where do translators fit into machine transl."



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These pages contain links to software tools for automatic or computer assisted translation as well as articles and background information on these or related technologies. We invited and we will continuously invite prominent actors in the field or users of the different systems to contribute their insights into this fascinating field.

Tools and systems

List of Machine Translation systems available on the market

List of Translation Memory systems available on the market

Other tools

Articles - machine/human translation

The development and use of machine translation systems and computer-based translation tools (John Hutchins)

An Approach of the Spanish Translation Market on the Internet (Cristina Navas and Rocío Palomares)

La traducción automática: presente y futuro (Joseba Abaitua)

MT and Language: Conflicting Technologies? or Ariadne's Endless Thread (Alexander Gross)

Where do Translators Fit into Machine Translation? (Alexander Gross)

Articles - machine/human translation

Victims of Torture - An interpreter's perspective (Annemarie Fox)

La traduction des textes journalistiques (René Meertens)

Hermes - God of Translators and Interpreters (Alexander Gross)