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 Translation Agency Lists

The following links includes some of the most comprehensive link lists to translation agencies all over the world.

Yahoo's Directory of Translation Services
Very large  list of translation agencies (currently including oveer 800 agancies) from all over  the world.

Aquarius list of translation agencies

Probably the largest list of translation agencies to be found in Internet with currently more than a thousand agencies listed from all over the world indexed by country.

The Translator's Home Companion "Translation Agencies and Translation Service Providers"

Currently contains 315 links to translation agencies from all over the world (alphabetically indexed).

InfoMarex's weblinks to Agencies

A shorter list of translation agencies.

Home page of The European Union of Associations of Translation Companies

This European Association has national members in the following countries: United Kingdom, Italy, France, Hungary, Germany, Greece, Holland, Belgium, Finland, Norway and Spain.

Glenn's Guide to Translation Agencies  & Glenn's Guide International

"descriptions and contact information for over 400 agencies and dozens of tips for your translation business". The lists cannot be consulted on-line but can be downloaded in Acrobat pdf-format. This service is now freely available for translators.

We will be happy to hear your comments on other links you would like to see included in this list!