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Let other experienced translation professionals keep you up-to-date with the latest projects and developments in the field of translation, from the most theoretical aspects to the new linguistic products in the market.

This list represents some of the most recognized magazines in the field of translation.


Translation Journal
A Publication for Translators by Translators about Translators and Translation." An excellent side with lots of articles on practical aspects of the profession. By Gabe Bokor, from Accurapid.


Two lines (a journal of translation)
"TWO LINES is an annual print-based journal publishing original English translations of international literature, with a special focus on the translation process. In each issue of TWO LINES, you will find works from around the globe that have been organized around a theme.
Every translation we select is accompanied by the author's original text and an introduction by the translator which serves to place the piece in its cultural context and provide new insight into the translator's craft. These introductions, in which our contributors are free to describe the art and challenges of translation, make TWO LINES unique among journals of world literature."


"International Journal of Theoretical and Applied Issues in Specialized Communication"  "Terminology is an independent journal with a cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary scope. It focuses on the discussion of (systematic) solutions not only of language problems encountered in translation, but also, for example, of (monolingual) problems of ambiguity, reference and developments in multidisciplinary communication. Particular attention will be given to new and developing subject areas such as knowledge representation and transfer, information technology tools, expert systems and terminological databases. Terminology encompasses terminology both in general (theory and practice) and in specialized fields (LSP), such as physics; biomedical sciences; technology; engineering; humanities; management; law; arts; business administration; trade; corporate identity; economics; methodology; and any other area in which terminology is essential to improve communication".


Puntoycoma (Boletín de las Unidades Españolas de Traducción de la Comisión Europea)
On-line bulletin by the Spanish section of the SdT (Service de Traduction - Translation Service of the Commission of the EU). General language and terminology related issues, language-related events, etc. (in Spanish.)


Terminologie et Traduction
"Terminologie et Traduction is the professional journal of the language services of the European Union's institutions. It publishes papers, glossaries, reviews, notes, letters and announcements related to matters of translation (translation theory and practice, translation studies, translation tools), terminology (lexicology, terminography) and interpreting in the eleven working languages of the EU. The core of each issue is devoted to a main topic, but a variety of other contributions is also included. Produced by the Terminology Unit of the European Commission under the supervision of a paninstitutional editorial Board, T&T is published thrice yearly by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities in Luxembourg."


Language Learning & Technology
Published three times a year. This year issues will include articles on "The Role of Computer Technology in Second Language Acquisition Research", "Literacies and Technologies", "Computer-Assisted Language Testing", and "Using Corpora in Language Teaching and Learning".


Language Today
The Magazine for the Language Industries, a major new online magazine for everyone working in applied languages - translators, interpreters, terminologists, lexicographers and technical writers.


Journal des traducteurs/Translators' Journal
Published by Les Presses de l'Université de Montréal. Only the abstracts are available on-line. General translation issues in French and English.


Linguistic Journals (links)
Links to linguistic publications on paper  in Europe and America and subscription addresses.


TRANSST - An International Newsletter of Translation Studies
"TRANSST serves as an information clearinghouse for the Committee for Translation Studies of the International Comparative Literature Association (ICLA/ AILC) and for the Scientific Commission on Translation and Interpreting of the International Association of Applied Linguistics (IAAL/AILA)"


MT News International
"The EAMT, together with its sister associations, the AAMTA and the AMTA, publishes MT News International three times a year. MTNI offers announcements of upcoming events, such as workshops and conferences, reports of previous events, company and product news, and updates of research developments."


Machine Translation
"While respecting its historical link with the field of MT, Machine Translation's scope of interest encompasses all branches of Computational Linguistics and Language Engineering, wherever they incorporate a multilingual aspect".

Its main interests include "machine translation and machine-aided translation, human translation theory and practise, multilingual text composition and generation, multilingual information retrieval and natural language interfaces, multilingual dialogue systems and message understanding systems, corpus-based and statistical language modelling, connectionist approaches to translation, compilation and use of bi- and multilingual corpora, discourse phenomena and (human or machine) translation, contrastive linguistics, software localization and internationalization, speech processing, especially for speech translation, computational implications of non-Roman character sets, language engineering for minority languages, history of machine translation"


Machine Translation Review
Natural Language Translation Specialist Group - British Computer Society.


Computational Linguistics
Computational Linguistics "is the only publication devoted exclusively to the design and analysis of natural language processing systems. From this unique quarterly, university and industry linguists, computational linguists, artificial intelligence (AI) investigators, cognitive scientists, speech specialists, and philosophers get information about computational aspects of research on language, linguistics, and the psychology of language processing and performance."


Computer Assisted Language Learning
"An international journal which leads the field in its total dedication to all matters associated with the use of computers in language learning (L1 and L2) It provides a forum to discuss the discoveries in the field and to exchange experience and information about existing techniques. The scope of the Journal is intentionally wide- ranging and embraces a multitude of disciplines."


Literary and Linguistic Computing
"Literary and Linguistic Computing is an international journal which publishes material on all aspects of computing and information technology applied to literature and language research and teaching. Papers include results of research projects, description and evaluation of techniques and methodologies, and reports on work in progress."


Web Journal of Formal, Computational & Cognitive Linguistics
"The aim of the journal is to unite the efforts of linguists and computer scientists in studying natural language using precise methods. The journal is supposed to publish articles on original completed research, reviews, short notes about current research work and information on scientific events."


Published six times per year at the University of Edinburgh, ELSNews is "the 12-page newsletter produced by ELSNET, reporting on activities of ELSNET and its members, and on other topics of interest to the European NLP and speech communities. It covers recent developments in ESPRIT, LRE and related EC initiatives, reports of on-going research at ELSNET sites, and updates on the progress of EC-funded NLP and speech projects". Now available in PDF format.

We will be happy to hear your comments on other links you would like to see included in this list!