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his page contains links to different types of tools for linguists and translators. The products listed here are just but a few interesting examples of the great number of language tools available nowadays.

NEW: This section contains a subset of what you can now find in the Foreignword EurÍka links database.



Downloadable Dictionaries, Glossaries and Wordlists

The Microsoft Glossaries
Currently available in the following languages: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew,Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak, Slovene, Swedish and Turkish.


The Novell Glossaries
Novell Glossaries for: Style Guides, Netware, GroupWise, IntraNetware, Groupware and LAN.

Languages: Brazilian, Danish, Dutch, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and Russian.


The Apple Glossaries
Languages: Arabic, Brazilian-Portuguese, British, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese (Traditional), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French (Canadian), French (Swiss), French, German (Swiss), German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Kanji, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish and Ukrainian.


Babylon Dictionaries
Free dictionaries. Babylon features:
  • Comprehensive: Ultra rich vocabulary of words and expressions, as well as proper names and geographical places, omputer terms such as "ftp", "smtp", medical terms such as "macrosomia" and "endoscopic surgery", legal terms such as "seisin" and "arbitration clause...
  • Optical Character Recognition: Ability to recognize text anywhere on the computer screen due to innovative On-Screen Optical Character Recognition.
  • Part of Speech description.
  • Translates expressions and abbreviations.
  • Language support: English-Chinese, English-Dutch, English-French, English-German, English-Portuguese, English-Spanish, English-Italian, English-Japanese, English-Swedish.

Relly worth a try!


DDP Dutch Dictionary Projec (Freeware)
Supported language combinations and number of entries:

Hungarian - English 98.000 English - Hungarian 63.000
German - English 81.000 English - German 88.000
French - English 35.200 English - French 20.100
Spanish - English 19.400 English - Spanish 20.700
Russian - English 22.600 English - Russian 31.700
Italian - English 10.700 English - Italian 13.400
Dutch - English 13.000 English - Dutch 9.900
Swedish - English 23.400 English - Swedish 24.400
Norwegian - English 6.500 English - Norwegian 6.000 
Portuguese - English 5.300 English - Portuguese 5.800
Japanese - English 58.200 English - Japanese 54.100
Indonesian - English 22.700 English - Indonesian 23.500
Latin - English 4.700 English - Latin 8.300
Swahili - English 650 English - Swahili 950
Afrikaans - English 3.200 English - Afrikaans 4.100
Danish - English 2.700 English - Danish 3.700
Finnish - English 1.700 English - Finnish 2.800
Greek - English 7.700 English - Greek 7.500


Earth Village ENGLISH-CHINESE Dictionary
Features include: Up to 40 Millions vocabulary
(Only 18 Millions in Trial Version) .Both GB code and Big5 code support, multi- text converter renewed in EVDICT (Not available in Trial Version), Supporting both of Chinese and English users' working environments,
Up to 40 Millions vocabulary
(Only 18 Millions in Trial Version) .


AbcThai (light) version 4.1 - Freeware
Features: AbcThai works on your Windows 9*, does not need the Thai edition or Thai fonts since it uses compatible graphics, works wihout a Thai keyboard (but it is supported). T wo virtual keyboards for the input of Thai in a separate window.


Downloadable English-Indonesian Dictionary
According to the author, the dictionary "has over that 17,000 words. This dictionary is designed to help us (Indonesian) reading English literatures, so I omit simple words that everybody usually knows. You may modify it to meet your needs. It's free. It's for end user only, not commercial...."


Romanian-English Dictionary
English Romanian and Romanian English Dictionary with 32000 words and voice pronounciation.


The English Romanian Dictionary for Windows 95/98/NT
Access to over 12,000 words and terms.


The Internet Dictionary Project/Tyler Chambers
"The Internet Dictionary Project's goal is to create royalty-free translating dictionaries through the help of the Internet's citizens."


Downloadable Software (Machine Translation)

Al-Mutarjim Al-Arabey 2.00 (Machine translation English-Arabic)
"Designed as a professional machine translation tool for Arabic Windows systems, that can quickly and easily translate text from English to Arabic, Al-Mutarjim Al-Arabey is ideally suited to translating long documents such as books and reports, etc. Al-Mutarjim Al-Arabey can also handle large (and user-defined) translation dictionaries, and includes full text-editing facilities, as well as scanning/OCR capabilities..."


Al-Wafi 2.00 (Machine tranlation English-Arabic)
"Aimed more at the non-professional or budget user, Al-Wafi offers basic English to Arabic translation capabilities. It incorporates the same text-editing, bilingual interface and user dictionary features as the more-advanced Al-Mutarjim Al-Arabey, but has a more limited dictionary. If your translation needs are occasional, or of short length - then Al-Wafi is ideally suited to your needs..."


TranSphere Client
"The TranSphere Client is a lightweight application that supports translation of documents through a Translation Server. The evaluation will allow you to connect to our Machine Translation Server and submit simple text for translation..." By AppTech


"WebTrans is another translation client which allows for on-the-fly web page translation. Simply go to a web page in your browser, click the WebTrans icon in the system tray on the task bar and select Translate. (The system tray is the small area on the task bar where the time is displayed). NOTE: This version requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or later..." By AppTech


Free WWW Translation Utility
A set of utilities for the localization of HTML and help files


Ait 2.12 (Freeware machine translation English-Italian)
According to the author this is a very fast system including a dictionary containing more than 160.000 words. You will need 15 Mb free space in your hard disk to install the program . Also from the same author: Engital 1.0 (Traduttore automatico inglese-italiano)


T-Mail ( Free e-mail machine translation service)
Languages supported:English-to-Spanish, French-to-English, English-to-French, German-to-English, English-to-Italian,   Italian-to-English, English-to-Portuguese, Portuguese-to-English, English-to-German,  Spanish-to-English By A


Downloadable Software (miscellaneous)

Verbix (verb conjugator in 25 languages)
"Verbix is linguistic software that conjugates verbs in 25 modern and extinct languages -- French, Spanish, Italian, Latin and many more. It is designed to work as a reference for foreign languages students."

Donwnload a free evaluation version or test on-line


WORDS (Latin dictionary and parser)
The program "takes keyboard input or a file of Latin text lines and provides an analysis of each word individually. There is also a searchable version of this program on the World Wide Web."
"The dictionary is about 17000 entries, as would be counted in an ordinary dictionary. This expands to more than twice that number of individual stems (the count that the program displays at startup), and may generate many hundreds of thousands of "words" that one can construct over all the declensions and conjugations..."


"DicoMaker offers translators an easier and better way to store and manage in-house terminology on their computers. DicoMaker dictionaries are text files, not database files. With DicoMaker, manipulating terminology is simply a matter of manipulating text files, word processor-like. Powerful yet user-friendly search functions provide database-like access to your information"


Newspaper Services on the Internet
On-line newspaper database service from Editor and Publisher By Editor & Publisher


WordSmith Tools
Lexical analysis software for data-driven learning and research. A series of linguistic tools for lexical analysis  including a kwic (key word in context) tool, a keyword extractor,a parallel text aligner, etc.


The Explanatory Dictionary of the Russian Language on CD-ROM
Edited by prof. D.N.Ushakov. (with Russian speech synthesis) About 2,500,000 words in full text search index and more than 100,000 word entries


"Entente is meant to help people get around in foreign countries; to converse, and ask questions, and get understandable replies. Entente is different from ordinary document translators in several ways. Most programs try to guess the meanings of ambiguous words, but Entente asks instead. (The user types I LIKE... and it beeps and asks LIKE in which sense? 1. I like candy. 2. Jim is like Jane. The user knows what he means, types a "1", and the computer makes the right translation .)"    Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Serbo-Croatian.        


Xerox XTS Terminology Suite

Xerox Terminology Suite offers three solutions to key business challenges:

* Automatic Multilingual or Monolingual Dictionary Creation and Sharing: Enables terminologists, translators and authors to dramatically improve productivity and builds a corporate asset: your terminology.

* Consistent Authoring Consistency and quality are greatly improved by offering all authors - whether technical, legal or marketing- quick and easy access to the same central database. Document accuracy is enhanced by providing authors with high quality terminology checking.

* Comprehension Aid Dedicated to all readers who need to improve their comprehension and understanding in one language only or in many different languages.


Language learning tools

Learn Spanish online: Lessons, Dictionaries, etc.
Links to software products, language CD-Roms, free on-line tutorials, books, etc.